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Feel Fragile

“Feel Fragile” object is based on its disbalanced visuality. Since the spectator himself is put in a position to think about the absence of fasteners in the object and see that the tension of the strings holds this object together. The object independently evokes a feeling of temporality, fragility and anxiety that cause awaiting of impending disaster which offers deeper experience of time. These impressions are escalated because the object stands on its least stable point. The object is interactive, the strings can be tuned into harmonies and can be played. At the moment of interaction, we can feel the vibration of fragility and the balance border of the whole object. The object may also refer to the symbol "route", used in heraldry, or the method of grinding gems into a diamond shape, however in the Czech and Slovak context, it evokes at first glance the vulgar symbol of the vagina: ◊.

Parameters and material — Tempered float glass, Steel string, steel tuning pins and cherry wood H: 200 cm, W: 100 cm, D: 60cm