What I think about

Installation in the G99 Gallery formed mainly in relation to my interest in connecting sound and light. I started workin with such frequencies and its courses two years ago. In G99 I got interested in a rear room – mainly because of two window niches which worked as a light gateway. Therefore my intention was to build 1:1 scale copies of those niches functioning as a sound gateway. These objects are conjoined by brass string which – from my perspective – symbolises a light beam – relating to the windows in the gallery. I decied to separate the room by the brass string which touches and permeates both objects. After playing the string its sound travels to the objects. They magnify it and therefore sound. They became the sound gateways – gates for other frequencies. The choice of the material comes from previous project where I transcribe sounds on photographic paper and its main functional element is kitchen foil. The enforcement of the material characteristics (such as bending of the wire structure after tightening of the kitchen foil) comes from working in a prof. Ambrůz’s studio where material characteristics are discussed in corellation to space. I named the installation „What I think about“ because I implemented my own thinking into it. It may function as site-specific as it uses certain space (the niche, the windows, the room) but other than that it is all about my interest – what I observe and listen to daily.

Material — Brass string — 8m Steel wires Strecht foil